Why do I need to take professional Kitesurfing lessons?

Here are the most obvious reasons you should take lessons from a professional:

  • Save money…use our schools equipment to learn the basics rather than trashing your new gear.
  • Save time…you will learn at least 4 times faster. Our instructors will show you the fastest way to kitesurf safely.
  • Knowledge…our instructors know the proper techniques & the most common errors that beginners make.
  • Equipment…Try out the various types of gear & see which is best for you before you buy.
  • Positive Experience…Our instructors are concerned with your and the general public safety, enjoyment. You should have fun and know you responsibility while learning in a safe & nurturing environment.

It’s good clean fun with Sunny Coast Kite n SUP fun, all kitesurfing and safety equipment is provided. BYO: Beach clothing, sun-glasses, towel, hat, sun-block and drinking water.

How long does it take to learn to kitesurf?

Based on the hundreds of students taught. It takes an average student with little or no experience approx. 5-8 hours of professional instruction with ideal wind & water conditions to learn the basics. Your instructors primary concern is your safety & enjoyment. Your primary concern should be the same.

What steps do I need to go through?

There are 3 different steps you must go through in becoming a confident & safe Kitesurfer.

  1. Kite Pilot

    This important first step is the fastest & safest way to learn & develop solid kite skills before you attempt to use a board. 80% of kitesurfing is kite control.
    Local site orientation, the wind window, safety systems, flying 2 & 4-line power-kites, the power zone, set-up, lanching / landing full size 4-line inflatable kites & basic Kitesurfing etiquette.

  2. Body drag, Water relaunching & Stabilisation (Shallow water lesson)

    This session is designed to help you gain the confidence you need to be hooked into the kite. Use the safety systems & gain the skill of safety and self-preservation, in the water. Set up & safety skill review, using a harness, hooking in using the safety systems, power / de-power, body dragging, water relaunching your kite, stabilisation of kite & board. Self-rescue. Our aim is at this point for you to become competent to fly a power kite & practice kite flight, body dragging & safety.

  3. Board Rider (on the water)

    Now that you can pilot a full size kite in the water with safe, confident control, you are ready to progress to a board. In this lesson you will develop the skills you need to kitesurf safely and successfully on your own. Unassisted set-up & launching, tuning the kite, water starting, edging & board control, changing direction, edging up wind.

Do I need to be strong to do this sport?

No. However, you do need to be in reasonable physical condition. Always consult your doctor before beginning such activities that have the potential to be physically demanding.

How much does it cost for kitesurfing equipment & where do I get it?

Initial startup costs are comparable to most action sports but after that, wind is free. Your instructor can guide you in selecting the correct equipment for your individual needs. The Sunshine Coast Kite n SUP fun shop has a great range of products with best price guarantee. Come in and see us or visit our Shop page to find out more.

Is the sport dangerous?

Like other action sports, there is an inherent danger to you & others around you if the proper safety systems, equipment, training & techniques are not fully utilized. Exercise good judgment and know your limitations. Always wear and use the proper safety equipment.