Sunshine Coast Kitesurfing Lessons

Sunshine Coast Kite ‘n SUP Fun kitesurfing lessons provide you with the skills and knowledge to have you up and riding as fast and as safely, as possible.

Using the latest gear and in-depth personal training, we manage your skill and confidence level to the point where you can kite freely and independently of our training environment. Leaving you to enjoy the adventures of kitesurfing safely at your leisure.

$0 - Free Kite Lesson

1 hour intro kite lesson, using a 2m trainer kite on the beach. On Thursday afternoons at 5pm. Call Shop to Book (07) 5438 8118

$180 - Regular Lesson

1.5 hour in-depth lesson designed for those wishing to progress from beginner to intermediate.  We recommend 3-4 lessons to ride independently.

$270 - Fun introduction to Kitesurfing

A 3 hour general overview… a fun introduction, not a lesson.

$540 - Passport to Ride

A full 6 hours of professional instruction. Designed for those looking to fully get into kitesurfing.

$850 - Zero to Hero

10 hours of lesson time. VIP treatment.

Free lesson plan

Enquire in-store for full details or email us