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What an adventure, participating in pioneering a new sport and seeing the stoke spread to the waters of the Sunshine Coast. Exploring the surf line up from an elevated position. The smiles from people on the beach who never have seen anyone stand up on a paddle board before, the curious looks from surfers and fellow aquaholics.

Come join the dream of all those places & sunsets exploring the surf line up or shallows of a sandy river bead. For fun, fitness, challenge or socializing with others that have a love of life.

SUP  Fitness Sessions & Lessons

Bookings essential for 7am Fitness sessions and 10am Fitness fun & surf sessions. In-store interest on the day. Bookings are preferred.  Phone 5438 8118 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. If a lesson is what you need, we have many types to suit your level. From beginners to advanced. Check out our SUP lessons here.